2016 DIYspiration projects

I’m really looking forward to my first full year of blogging. I’ve been working on the web for years, but this is the first time, I’ve ever tried my hand at blogging and I’m loving every second of it.

I have so many fantastic DIY projects that I can’t wait to get home to try. As much as I love my fellow bloggers, I don’t really draw inspiration from them. I’m definitely more the sort of blogger who looks at something she loves on the web, balks at the price and decides, I can totally make that myself.

I already have plenty of projects that I am dying to do this year, but I thought I would share some of my favourites so you can get as excited as I am!

#1: marble madness: I love all things marble at the best of times, but this is proving to be a massive trend for 2016. I’ve seen a few tutorials for DIY marble ring bowls online, but I want to up the stakes and make a plate. Oh, I can already see this one ending badly.

#2: copper frame: My other great passion is copper. I never shut up about it. I have wanted to make this DIY for ages, but I’m still working out the kinks. My biggest problem? I don’t want to weld anything. That’s just an invitation to losing a hand.

#3: printed pretty: I am inspired by turning simple fabrics into anything but simple, but this might be beyond on my skill level. I have the hand towel. I have the paint. I just wish I had a template because that would make life so much easier.

#4: map it out: This will probably take me until 2017 to do. It’s a map that’s been hand cut out of stiff white cardboard with a box cutter. I love the idea of having a piece of wall art that really means something to me. You can buy these maps but they cost the earth! Probably my favourite future DIY.

#5: designer sip: Easily my easiest DIY, this decorated drink bottle should be a cinch to make. I just wish my handwriting was nicer. I have doubts about my printing skills…

#6: copper meets marble: My two loves in one. Until, I figure out how to glue a marble base to a copper pipe, this one can only be dreamed about.

Oh, and…in case you don’t know how to DIY, your presents, you can always buy the basics, like a scarf or maybe some alpaca socks, you can never go wrong with this 🙂

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