2017 beckons…

Oh the places you will go!

Welcome back guys. I’m writing this on a not so sunny afternoon in my childhood bedroom after what feels like weeks of endless parties and sales shopping. Giulio headed back to Italy earlier in the week and I’m a bit disorientated without him. We are more than used to separation. We probably hold the record for the longest long distance relationship – almost 10 years before we married. But now I feel like it takes me a few days to remember how to be alone. I’m so used to him hovering around that I find myself wandering the house a bit lost trying to adjust. I’ve shaken off the fuzziness now and am ready for another awesome year of blogging. Above is this year’s motto. It’s actually from Dr Seuss, which came as a surprise to me, maybe because it doesn’t rhyme??

I love the start of the new year. It’s full of such potential and promise. Anything is still possible, almost as if life has been reset and we’re given another chance to live to the fullest. There will be plenty of changes around here. I don’t want to give them away, but expect a new look and maybe even a new direction as we navigate expat life in the most beautiful corner of Italy. I hope you had a lovely holidays and I hope you have plenty planned for the year ahead. I know 2017 is going to amazing… I can just feel it! xx

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