5 simple gift wrap hacks

Christmas is less than 2 weeks away and I’m trying to contain my excitement. We’ve gone from zero to hero in our house this year. Last year, we had absolutely no decorations. This year, we’ve even decorated the porch. Cue excited squeals! Our town is in the middle of its annual Christmas festival. It’s a beautiful celebration where everyone pitches in to make their corner of the town just a little bit more festive. There are roasted chestnuts, mulled wine, a Christmas letter writing post office and even Santa sitting in the medieval castle waiting to welcome the little ones. The entire thing has just put in me in the best mood! I feel like it’s Christmas every day! And I’m driving everyone nuts…


As we get closer to Christmas, I go absolutely overboard with my gifts. I spend months trying to think of the perfect gifts for all my family and then another month trying to get the wrapping and cards on point, which is ridiculous because no one in my family goes to that much effort and everyone things I’m the biggest twat for doing so.┬áThe good thing is, that you may find best gift baskets in Calgary. This year, I promised I wouldn’t go overboard. I would just pick a simple design and keep the embellishments to the minimum. It’s my 2016 mantra and it can be yours too with these simple gift wrapping hacks. You don’t have to be an amazing wrap star (get it, wrap star?) to have beautiful looking presents. It’s all in the details. And if you’re looking for an interesting present you should consider Personalised Gin Glasses.


pick a bold non-traditional print

This year, I’ve chosen to wrap my gifts with my handmade wrapping paper. It’s a non-traditional antler pattern in a bright brass colour that I just print off onto to normal printing paper. By choosing such a bold design, your gifts will definitely stand out under the tree and look far more stylish and modern than that rubbish you buy at the discount store. Add a bold ribbon and you’ve got a stunning package that looks like you put in a whole lot more effort than you really did.

And you’re in luck! You can download my beautiful wrapping paper for free and, if you live in Italy, enter my competition to win a Gimoka coffee gift pack while you’re at it!

cheap gift wrapping ideas

bake cookies

Who doesn’t love gingerbread men? If you’re not a star wrapper, this one is the perfect solution. You can buy cookie cutters anywhere and bake a batch to attach to your gifts. Just remember to make two holes in the little man’s belly (that sounds morbid right?) so you can weave the ribbon through! Delicious and delightful!


add foliage

Nature is your best friend when it comes to easy and quick gift wrapping. Some butcher’s paper and kitchen twine do most of the work and then you add whatever grows locally for a beautiful and organic touch. I love and always use eucalyptus for my gift wrapping, but rosemary or bay leaves would work too. While for a Christmas overload, use holly!


go full sentimental

An old family photo and some twine and you have a gift wrap that speaks volumes. Plus you don’t have to write gift cards because you already know who’s getting what. Be sure to print the pictures on card stock though, so you receiver can keep them as a memory afterwards!


embellish like there’s no tomorrow

Mini wreaths are all the rage this year and there are heaps of DIY tutorials out there. You can use rosemary or boxwood or holly… or you can just go out and buy them, which is exactly what I’ll be doing. They look gorgeous with a thick jute ribbon and little noel tag.

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