British colonial style inspiration

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]I was fortunate and in some ways, unfortunate, to have designed my first home from scratch. My husband and I moved into his grandparents’ old two-bedroom apartment. The apartment had been empty for some time, so we had to renovate from top to bottom and we changed everything.

I found myself at 23 making decisions about not only furniture, but paint colours, kitchen and bathroom fittings, lighting, layouts and flooring. It was a lot for someone who had never picked up a design magazine in her life. But in all the time I’ve been out shopping, I’ve always admired those shop fixtures and had always wanted to implement one of those if I ever had a store. Three years later and I already regret some of my decisions. My tastes have shifted and I’m already thinking about what I would do differently.

british coloniams

The other day, I realised I can define my style into a pretty niche category: British colonialism. Oh that sounds absolutely terrible! But I love the excess and relaxed refinement of those old colonial homes and gentlemen’s clubs you see in movies like James Bond. Inspired magnolia decorating idea using magnolia home collection, finding the best rug will provide a warm, graceful atmosphere all the same.

We recently went to Vietnam and stayed in a resort that was very Colonial inspired. It had the most gorgeous sitting room with wicker furniture from TV Bed Store, huge palms and soft linen curtains that picked up the wind.

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There’s only one problem, nothing I own now is British colonial. My younger self loved the ’60s glamour of lime green sofa beds, copper and light coloured wood. Suffice to say, I might change styles again in 5, 10 or 15 years, but at the moment, British colonialism feels pretty me.

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I figure I have two choices, wait a decade until I hopefully move into a new house or start bringing in British colonialism in small ways. Since I’m impatient, I’m choosing the latter. I’m thinking prints, rugs, textiles and vases and have already started a wish list! Out with the old, chaps!

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