Italian Easter Pie

Easter is around the corner, so it’s seems like an Italian Easter pie should really be on the menu.

It was a really sad weekend in our tiny Tuscan town. One of its residents passed away suddenly on Friday night from a cancer and it shook the town a little. Deaths in small towns are a community affair, especially if the person isn’t old. That sounds heartless, but we have a lot of senior citizens. They live onĀ average well into their 80s. It’s incredible. Someone should write a book about it! French women mightn’t get fat, but Italians live forever!

Italian gravlax salmon crostini with pickled watermelon


A lovely recipe for your weekend, especially if you’re first foray into salmon gravlax or salt cured salmon. As things get a little chilly in Southern Tuscany, I’m not ready to give up the big bright flavours of summer just yet. There will be plenty of time for soups and casseroles when I can’t feel […]