licorice italian easter bread (Schiaccia di Pasqua)

Another Easter recipe! This time, one from my very own tiny town in Southern Tuscany, Manciano. We’re not famous for much, but we do make one hell of an licorice Italian Easter bread or schiaccia di Pasqua. 

Italy as a whole has changed so much, even in the 10 years I’ve been here. I think a lot of tourists really want a snow globe experience where all the locals are just simple country folk who walk home in the morning with fresh bread under one arm and the day’s paper under the other. In the evenings, nonnas sit outside and gossip while tomato sauce cooks in the saucepan and their tubby little grandchildren ride their bikes. 

Cornetto biscuits with from-scratch grapefruit jam

There are some recipes that I love unconditionally. These cornetto biscuits with grapefruit jam is one of them. As far as Italian breakfast pastries go, you don’t really have a lot of options. Unlike the French, Italians keep things really traditional – they’ll either have a custard filled cornetto, which is how to say croissant in Italian, or they’ll stick to dry biscuits dipped in their morning cappuccino.

Overnight Coffee Bircher Muesli

bircher muesli

This bircher muesli recipe is for all of us who tell themselves they’re going to get up half an hour earlier to do yoga, who make a vow to always fix their bed before they leave for work and who swear that this year, this year, they’ll make the time to put on sickening makeup and do their hair before they go out the door…. and yet despite their best efforts, still hit the snooze button 15 times and get up 10 minutes before they have to leave.