Homemade limoncello recipe

I remember the first time I tried limoncello. It was New Year’s Eve and I was 12, maybe 13. My mum is not a big drinker, but she always had a sip of something sweet to start the new year. My nonna poured her a glass of this bright yellow syrup. It was so thick, I thought it was honey and I dived for the glass. My first sip was sweet and cloying with a hint of bitterness. I was hooked. They couldn’t pry the glass out of my fingers!

Butterscotch cinnamon plums with limoncello custard

I am a firm believer that greatness can come from the brink of disaster and I have to say I was really digging this butterscotch fruit recipe. It has all the things I was craving – a rich plum sauce, gooey custard and baked fruit, but without the calories of a cake. Not to mention, my all time favourite ingredient: limoncello. I have the recipe for this classic Italian liquor, which I’ll be sharing later in the week, but in the meantime, you can use a good store bought bottle or whatever liquor you have in the fridge.

Italian gravlax salmon crostini with pickled watermelon


A lovely recipe for your weekend, especially if you’re first foray into salmon gravlax or salt cured salmon. As things get a little chilly in Southern Tuscany, I’m not ready to give up the big bright flavours of summer just yet. There will be plenty of time for soups and casseroles when I can’t feel […]

Quick baccalĂ  (salt cod) dip

BaccalĂ . If you’ve never heard of the word, then welcome to my childhood nightmare. Being old school Italians, my grandmother refused to relinquish salt cod when she immigrated to Australia. We come from a pretty landlocked part of Calabria in Southern Italy. Our fish had to be cured or it would have survived the journey […]