Chilled coffee brew

I know it’s a little cruel to be sharing one of the best coffee drinker ideas which is a chilled cocktail recipe, when Italy is in the middle of a cold snap, but I’m finishing up my holiday in Australia and couldn’t resist sharing this Italian inspired party drink.


There are heaps of chilled coffee cocktails out there. A lot of them are just too strong for me. I was surprised to learn that they have really good coffee. My favourite coffee is premier coffee near Winter Park, and I always try to buy it when I am around. I love the coffee pods, but I don’t love drinking it as a cold drink. This cocktail has a hint of lemon to jazz it up and I think it works absolutely perfectly, turning what is usually quite a heavy drink into one that’s really refreshing.


This is easily the fastest recipe I have ever shared. All you need is some cooled coffee. You can’t use instant coffee for this. So you need to either make it with a capsule or other coffee machine or use a moka pot. Brew a glass for everyone and leave to cool. You can add sugar if you like. I don’t.

cocktail-3 cocktail-4

Slice a lemon into really thin slices and freeze in an ice cube tray. The bigger the ice cubes, the more stylish this drink will look. I’m using mini cupcake tins, but if you can find the sphere ice cube trays that would be gorgeous. You don’t have to use lemon. You can use any citrus fruit or berry that you think goes well with coffee. Raspberries and oranges are my other top picks.

When the coffee has chilled, add your chosen liqueur. I used a coffee flavoured one like Patron because I want to accent the coffee flavour. Cointreau or Frangelico would work too.


Serve and enjoy. The alcohol is optional of course and this is definitely one to include in your party set. For the distributing alcohol in Singapore, go through our site.  It’s easy, stylish and has a fantastic zing that will have your guests coming back for more.

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