Christmas decorating theme 2016: Industrial

christmas decorating theme

The holidays are days away and I’m already counting the days until Christmas. For me, Christmas is a double whammy because I get to celebrate Christmas (duh) but I also get to return home to a beautiful Australian summer! The only downside is that I don’t get to deck my house out for the holidays. Or least, I never used to in the past. This year in an effort to have more hygge, I promised I would make an effort to bring some Christmas cheer to my tiny Tuscan apartment even if we leave on Dec 19.

I have so many amazing DIYs that I can’t wait share with you guys, but in the meantime, I’m bursting to mention this year’s Christmas decorating theme – Industrial (aka copper and green). I grew up in an household where anything went at Christmas time. My mum has what feels like a million different Christmas decorations, all of which take her a decade to set up each year. Terrified at the thought, I decided to do the exact opposite and stick to a theme. Not only does it give me a better idea when I go out shopping for decorations, but it’s also saves your house from looking like a festive rainbow threw up in it.

Industrial is very much me. It’s minimalist, modern and left of field. Not to mention it’s not as festive as green and red or white and red or any of those super traditional Christmas colours, which means I can keep pieces around when I get back home in February and not feel like I’m stuck in the holidays.

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I’m by no means reinventing the wheel with this Christmas decorating theme, but it is non traditional and really easy – all you need is a spray can of copper paint and heaps of green foliage, which literally grows on trees here in Tuscany… get it? Grows on trees!

You can also use outdoor xmas lights for offices. When using these lights, a festive mood is created, it looks very good to turn off if the light in the apartment.

I know it’s a little early to start sharing Christmas DIYs, but I wanted you guys to have enough time to get them all done for the holidays, so check back soon for the first of my projects and to see how beautiful a theme industrial can be!

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