DIY black cross cushion

I adore all things Swedish! I love the clean lines and simplicity of Swedish design. It’s also the perfect base for mixing with existing furniture or those more adventurous purchases. I’m talking about a certain lime green sofa bed.

A couple of months back I was struggling to find a sofa bed I liked aesthetically. I ended up picking up one from Maison du Monde. It’s a ’60s-inspired three seater and I’ve been debating the colour choice ever since. I picked green because I thought it would be a statement.

Since I’m still in Australia, I don’t know what it looks like. It arrived after I left. I’m preparing for the worst, but I’m also preparing for what sort of cushions I’m going to have on it.


I decided I wanted something modern, simple and understated and I came up with this Swedish-inspired black cross on white cushion. I can’t wait to test it out.


You’ll need

black tapestry thread
a ruler
a grey lead pencil
a white cushion cover

The first time I tried this project, I stitched a row of crosses freehand. It was a disaster! The crosses were all different sizes and it looked messy. Swedish design is about precision and clean lines, so you need a ruler.


Take two. I measured the width of my cushion and then divided it by four. For example my cushion was 32cm, so I drew three 8cm crosses as my first row. For the second row, I drew one every 4cm. I repeated this all the way to the end to get a rough diamond pattern. My crosses were about 1.5cm long.


If you’re using normal thread instead of tapestry thread, fold it in half and thread it through the eye of the needle, then double the thread so you’re sewing with 4 threads instead of 1.


Take your time with this project. I did it while watching the Golden Globes. It doesn’t take a lot of concentration. Just patience.

You can sew from one cross to another, but I found that the inside of my cushion case was becoming messy and tangled, so I tied off the thread after I’d finished each cross and cut it before starting a new one.

cushion-5 cushion-6

I was really happy with the finished look, so happy that I might make some more with different coloured thread.

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