DIY Christmas tags

Even though this weekend was my birthday, I decided to get a head start on my Christmas DIYs… mostly because I have about a million I want to get through and our Dec 9 departure date is getting closer and closer!

One of the¬†ways I am always trying to up my game on is with my wrapping skills. I know it’s just paper and people tear it off and throw it away, but if you think about it, your wrapped presents gets far more screen time than the unwrapped one. If you’re super organised like me, your gifts can sit under the tree for weeks before anyone opens them.


So as part of my goal to give better looking presents, I designed these quick DIY tags using my favourite medium: watercolour.

tag9 tag8



You’ll need:

thick white card stock, cut into 50mm x 89mm
hole punch
watercolour paints
a black pencil
cooking twine

Cut your card stock to shape and punch a hole at the top of each for the string.


Draw your design first in grey lead pencil. I went with a cute minimalist present theme, but you could draw baubles, stars, elves, candy canes etc. Try to draw only the basic guidelines and add the details freehand as it can be hard to rub out the grey lead lines afterwards.

Colour with watercolours. Don’t wet your brush too much or you’ll end up with a water logged tag with washed out colours.


Wait until it dries and attach the string.

tag2 tag1

And that’s all there is to it. This year, I’ve chosen butcher’s paper wrapping with a black ribbon. It’s super minimalist and not very Christmas-y, but it matches my theme for 2015, which is of course, Nordic Christmas!

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