DIY copper candlesticks

I am obsessed with copper. I love the look of it. I love the way it never dates and I like the fact that if you squint really hard, you can pretend it’s gold – just joking!

I’m always on the look out for amazing copper diys. The only problem is, you need a welder for most of them and as much as I love diy, I don’t want to lose a finger.

Then I was on one of my favourite design website and stumbled across this very expensive, but very beautiful copper candle holder. I thought ‘I can make that’ and keep all my digits. And lo and behold the end result!



These will look gorgeous on my New Years table and I love them so much, I’m thinking of making silver ones too.

diy-candlestick4 diy-candlestick3 diy-candlestick2

You’ll need:

1 x 3cm piece of copper pipe
1 x 6cm marbled tile
contact adhesive
pillar candle

This is a super simple DIY. Simply glue the copper pipe to the marbled tile and leave to dry. Hey presto! Done!

I used a marble tile that I picked up from my local hardware store, but you could use a copper disk, a block of wood, a ceramic tile, whatever you like.

diy-candlestick-6 diycandlestick-5 diy-candlestick

Have a gorgeous New Year and see you in 2016!

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