DIY wine bag in fur

diy wine bag


Another entertaining DIY and an easy one at that! Whether you’re invited to a bunch of Thanksgiving celebrations this week or just a run of the mill dinner party, a bottle of wine is the go-to gift. But why not make it a little bit special with a diy wine bag? Sure you can buy wine gift bags and wine bottle bags online and you have to pull out the sewing machine, which for me, is the equivalent of hell, but it’s a super simple project that bears big results. And when I say super simple, I mean it because anything harder would be far beyond my skill level when it comes to sewing!

(But if you really can’t handle the idea of sewing, you can get the same results in half the time with a hot glue gun!)


faux fur fabric
grey thread
white pencil
leather cord
a bottle of your favourite tipple (😋)


Cut a 35cm x 25cm rectangle from your faux fur. Fold the rectangle in half, right sides together. Pin along the longer edge and stitch together with a 1.2cm seam. Now to close your tube and form the base, line up the bottom edges, pin and stitch together with a 1.2cm seam to create your finished fabric wine bag.


Add your bottle of wine and tie shut a third of the way down with the leather cord. If you feel like your wine gift bag looks a little too furry (I did), use sharp scissors to shorten the fur.

cheap-gift-bags-ideas cute-gift-bags

And that’s it. Why would go out and buy wine bottle bags when a handmade gift bag like this one is so easy? Not to mention this fur version is so much nicer than those cheap gift bags or fabric wine bags you find in the store! Happy Thanksgiving xx

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