DIY gold foil card

Argh! I am beyond excited about this DIY. I love card making, but until very recently (i.e yesterday), I would flick through my favourite design websites and fall helplessly in love with all those beautiful greeting cards with gold foil. I was convinced it was impossible to recreate at home.


Then I got a kick up the butt from Mr Motivation. My brother is getting married and I wanted to make his wedding card. I thought it would be more special coming from my own fair hands. So I googled DIY gold foil and was floored with how easy it is. I can’t believe I didn’t figure this out sooner.

This isn’t a traditional DIY because I didn’t design it to share. Basically I found a beautiful watercolour pattern on the internet and decided to use that as the base of my greeting card. Then I used the gold foil for the writing only.


It’s not as easy as it sounds because the reactive gold foil only sticks to toner. So if you want to make a card like mine, you need to print your background design, whatever it is, with an ink jet printer. Then you print whatever you want to make gold on top with a toner-based

Since I have both of these printers at home, all it took was a lot of messing around to make sure my text printed over the design in the right place. It took me half a lifetime. Then I cut my card to size.

Once you’ve done that, all the hard work is over. You can buy a roll of reactive gold foil online. I’ve seen people use it with a printer, but it’s better with a laminator. Your stock standard laminator is fine.


Heat it up for about 10-15 minutes. Then lay your gold foil over the toner print. Place a plastic projector sheet on top (this stops the gold foil from getting stuck in your laminator) and run it through the laminator once. Then repeat without the projector sheet to ensure the foil is stuck completely.

gold-foil-card-diy diy-greeting-carddiy-cards

Peel off the excess and voila gold foil printing! A roll cost €19. Can you imagine all the projects you could do with these? Posters, cards, wall art? My mind is blown! xx

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