DIY gold painted clock

Confessions: I made this clock a couple of weeks ago. I just didn’t have a camera handy at the time, but it’s a simple DIY. Really, really easy. All you need is a plastic plate, a drill, battery-operated clock mechanism and some spray paint.


I came up with the idea after I saw a few really beautiful marble and gold clocks online. Unsurprisingly, they were ridiculously expensive and weren’t available in Italy if I wanted to blow a few hundred euros anyway.

I actually can’t believe how well this turned out. You cannot tell it’s a plastic plate, no matter how close you get and it’s a really chic reminder of how late we are for work each morning!

quick-and-easy-diy-clock diy-platnium-clock

Get your hands on a normal bottle of gold spray paint and a large plastic plate I learned my tips on painting from some great painters. You can’t use a disposable one. It needs to be pretty sturdy. My plate had a 27cm diameter, but that’s up to you. Give you plate two coats of spray paint on the front and back. Then leave to dry.


Use a pencil and ruler to find the centre and drill a hole that’s big enough to fit your clock mechanism through. Be very careful when you drill. If you push too hard, you’ll crack your plate.


Install the clock mechanism. I used one from an old clock that I didn’t like, but you can buy one from discount shops for less than €10. If your battery pack moves around too much – seal it down with a few strips of duct tape.


Add a hook to the back and you’re good to go.

diy-clock diy-gold-clock diy-clock-in-gold

You can make this clock any shape or size you like. I didn’t add the numbers because I’m predictably minimalist, but you could paint some on freehand for an arty touch or keep it modern with a stencil.

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