DIY gold pineapple cushion

It’s pineapple mania at my house. I’m the only one feeling it because Giulio doesn’t really care for design, but it’s manic. I am tempted to put pineapples everywhere. On pillows, in the office and in a very exciting DIY project that is coming up and which I cannot wait to share with you. I’d pineapple the drapes if I could trust myself to stencil straight.

I’m not the only one feeling it. A lot of design shops have picked up on the 1960s Copacabana trend. And since I recently renovated hubby’s office with the same retro feel, I thought, why not bring a bit of tropical spice into the home?… in something that I can love unconditionally for about 6 months and then get rid of easily if I out love the trend! So I picked up a cushion from Ikea, printed out a stencil and was immediately enamoured with how easily and how perfectly this project turned out.


white pillow case
gold fabric paint
pineapple stencil

Print out the pineapple stencil and carefully cut out the grey areas with a box cutter. Centre it onto your pillow case and secure in place with masking tape.


Carefully paint the stencil with your gold fabric paint. Make sure you press down as you paint to prevent runs. I was initially going to use spray paint, but there was no way to stop it from accidentally spattering paint mist everywhere. With gold fabric paint, you get cleaner lines, but you have to make sure you get it on thick enough to cover all the white spaces.


Leave to dry, then peel off the stencil very carefully. If a bit of paper is left behind, carefully scrape it off with blunt knife.


What’s not to love? Chuck it on the couch with a Bolivian inspired rainbow throw or add it to the millions of cushions on your bed – I have 30 and it takes us 15 minutes to fix it each morning! It’s simple, stylish and I love it from tip to tail.

pineapple-pillow pineapple-pillow-&-me

Hubby took this photo. I noticed that I was still wearing my slippers, but it was too late! Hubby insisted the slippers added a homely touch to the photo. I’m not so sure.

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