DIY hack: Hanging rug art

I’m a little embarrassed to call this a DIY project since it took so very little effort and so very little planning, but I had to share because it looks amazing. To be honest, it’s actually one of my best DIY projects to date, which says something.

Since we moved in, I’ve been staring at the empty space above our bed to no avail. I didn’t have a painting big enough to fill the space and I didn’t love the idea of a print. It feels tacky. So I decided to channel my inner medieval noblewoman and hang a rug instead.

I picked up an inexpensive rug from H&M and in about 15 minutes, I had my very own work of art for less than 20 euro!

My rug was 70cm x 140cm, perfect for hanging over the bed.

To get it on the wall, all you need is a wooden dowel, some fishing wire and iron-on hem tape. I used the handle from an old broom. It looked a bit worn, which suited the look I was going for.

Cut the handle to size. You want a little bit visible on either side of the rug, but not an excessive amount.

Fold the top edge of your rug over the wooden dowel. Mark the width, so you know where to put your iron-on hem and pull out your iron. I used an iron-on hem because I didn’t want to destroy the rug with stitches, just in case I change my mind in the future. You have to use a very hot iron to get the hem to stick to the woven fabric of the rug. I pressed my steam button repeatedly while I ran the iron back and forth over the hem to ensure it adhered.

Thread your rug onto your dowel. We have a four poster bed, so we just attached the dowel to the top railing with some clear fishing wire. It looks like the rug is suspended in air if you don’t get up too close. But you can easily attach it wherever you like with two curtain hooks if you don’t want to use fishing wire and normal picture hooks if you do.

mybed my other bed

I’m amazed at how beautiful this turned out. It’s modern and stylish and really completes our bedroom! So do give it a try! xx happy Monday!

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