DIY hack: teapot warmer

I’m a prolific tea drinker. I may live in Tuscany, but I probably drink close to four or five mugs of tea a day. The caffeine is doing me wonders, I’m sure. Most days I’ll make myself a cup of chai, my current favourite, and the phone will ring or someone will distract me and next thing I know, my tea is stone cold. Anyone who has ever reheated tea – especially milk tea – in the microwave knows it’s absolutely disgusting. With a little bit of help from the internet, I came up with a far better solution.

Of course, you can just buy a teapot warmer, but I really like the idea of a one-cup solution. I’m the only tea drinker in my house, so I never make a pot and all the teapot warmers were for full pots of teas.

c5 c4

You’ll need:

teapot-for-one or normal teapot
essential oil diffuser
tealight candle

There are really no instructions for this. Just a note. If you can find an essential oil diffuser with a removable bowl then snap it up! I couldn’t find one at my local discount store, so I had to make do. But if you can, then you can simply remove the essential oil bowl and pop your tea cup or teapot directly over the tealight candle. Otherwise, you’ll need to put a little water in the bowl to stop the diffuser from exploding. Then you just sit your teapot or tea cup on top.

Obviously, it’s not going to keep your tea fresh-from-the-kettle hot, but I’ve been testing it out these last few weeks and I’m amazed at just how warm my tea stayed. And it looks cute too!

c2 c6

Hope you’re having a gorgeous start to the new week! xx

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