DIY knit tassel blanket

I’m an old hand with tassels. I’ve shared a tassel DIY in the past, but this one is so MUCH better! I was flicking through a magazine when I saw this gorgeous fat knit blanket with tassels.

Since I gave up on knitting last winter. I suckeddddd. I decided to make life easy for myself and just make the tassels. Tassels are a stylish accent to any blanket you just have lying around and aren’t sure what to do with. I made this one for my new lime green sofa bed, which I’m loving by the way!


After this project, I’ve become a little obsessed with tassels and might try this with one my cotton towels… or tea towels!

tassel-1 tassel2YOU'LL-NEED-tasselsYou’ll need
white knit blanket (I grabbed mine from Ikea)
black wool
15cmx10cm piece of cardboard (or the back of a photo frame)
needle and black thread

This is a really easy DIY. To make the tassels, wrap your black wool around your piece of cardboard or photo frame. You can make these tassels as thin or as thick as you like. I wrapped mine around my photo frame 25 times. Obviously, the wider your piece of cardboard, the longer your tassels will be.steps-tassel

Thread a tie a short piece of wool around one end. Secure in place then carefully cut the other end to release your tassel. Tie another piece of wool about a thumb’s width down to make the ‘head’ of your tassel. Repeat a little further down. Pull the ends of your tassel to neaten.

Cut and tuck the ends of the wool you used to tie your tassel. Sew onto your blanket with the black thread and needle. I made 5 tassels for each end of my blanket. That’s ten in total!

tassel3 tassel-4 tassel5

For a project that cost less than €20 and 15 minutes of work, I am chuffed. I don’t know what it is about tassels, but they just make knit blankets seem all the cosier. I want to do this to all my blankets now!

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