DIY marble art greeting card

I’m a hopeless romantic. My husband is not. But that doesn’t stop me from making sickly sweet cards whenever I get the chance. As you might have noticed, I’m obsessed with making my own cards. It’s one of the necessities of living in a country that not only doesn’t speak English, but still thinks cards with cartoon dogs drinking martinis are fashionable.


This card was inspired by a print I saw online. I love the marble effect, but I’d never tried it before. Since marbling can be kind of retro, I wanted to modernise it with something bold and beautiful. The text reads Je t’aime or I love you in French and is written in fine gold paint so it’s 3D. Naturally you can write whatever you like if you want to dial down the romance.



card stock card (you can make your card as big or as small as you like)
acrylic paint in gold or copper
marbling set
plastic tub
absorbent paper

Fold your card stock in half to make a greeting card.


Fill your plastic tub with a little bit of water. Add the colours you like following the instructions on your marbling kit. Mine came with little paper circles that you dipped in the water and added the colour in drops. Be very careful when you come to mix your colours. Don’t mix too much or you’ll just get a purple mess. I used yellow, orange and red and mixed with a fork to get a light swirl.

marble-art-2 marble-art-3

Dip one side of your card in the water until it’s coated. Remove and blot the excess water off with your absorbent paper. Don’t rub or you’ll smudge the design. Leave to dry.

marble-art-4 marble-art-5 marble-art-6

When dry, draw your message first in grey lead pencil and then trace over with your gold pen. Leave to dry overnight, add an envelope and you’re done.

marble-card-1 marble-card-3 marble-card-2

I love this design so much, I think I might make a few more with different messages. Congrats would be a great one!

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