DIY mini b’day card

Yesterday Giulio and I were invited to a birthday party for a person we don’t know all that well. It’s one those situations when you’re not exactly friends, but you’re not really colleagues either. It’s a complete grey area. So when it came to writing the birthday card, we didn’t really have enough to fill an entire page and Happy Birthday surrounded by a whole lot of white space always looks terrible.

So I threw together this mini b’day card. It’s the perfect size, meaning we could still express sentiment – I hate it when people give presents without cards, it feels like they’re just going through the motions – but not have to fill space with empty words.


Not to mention, it only took me about 5 minutes, which was handy because we were running late… as usual.




You’ll need:
1 mini blank card and envelope
watercolour set
small brush


I picked up my paper from my local discount store. These tiny little cards are really popular in Italy, so you should be able to find them at the cartoleria or supermarket too. Otherwise you can make your own by cutting a piece of A4 card stock to the dimensions


Draw your design in grey lead first. I used a ruler to make sure I was in the centre of the card and designed a simple candle with the initials HB. Like all my DIY projects, the design is up to you. A mini cake or present would be cute too.


Trace the outline with black watercolour paint. I chose to use watercolours because I liked the artisan look, but you could use pencils or coloured pens. You’ll need a really thin brush to get these lines though. Try using a makeup brush!


Fill in with the watercolours of your choice. Wait until the colour dries and rub off any grey lead marks very carefully so you don’t smudge your design.

hb5 hb11 hb9

Write your wishes on the other side of the card and party! Happy Monday xx

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