DIY monogram tote

When it comes to fashion DIYs, I’m I not the greatest. To be perfectly honest, I lose interest half way through making a skirt or knitting a sweater and have the rolls of fabric lying around the house to prove it. But this tote is easy, cute and the perfect weekend project.


You might need to dig around for the materials, but I’ve made it Italy-friendly and I’m really happy with the result. I can’t wait to show it off next time I go shopping.



black Plasti dip spray paint
canvas tote
gaffer’s tape
PVA glue
cooking foil
monogram stencil

Plasti dip is the hardest thing to find for this DIY. It’s a special spray paint that basically coats whatever it touches in plastic. You need this for your tote because if you put it down on the wet floor, you don’t want to ruin it or whatever you’re carrying within it. That said, you can use black spray paint if you’re in a bind.


Stopping the spray paint from bleeding outside the line was a nightmare. I finally used gaffer’s tape because it worked the best, but use more than one strip and stick it on really well otherwise you won’t get a clean line. Spray three coats of the Plasti dip on both sides to coat the bottom third of the tote.

diy-cloth-bag diy-monogram-bag

While that dries, work on your monogram stencil. To create the stencil, I just printed out my initials in Arial Bold size 30. I cut the letters out with a box cutter then traced the letters backwards onto the cooking foil. Be careful not to crumple the foil letters too much.

diy-monogram-cloth-bag diy-monogram-canvas-bag

Glue them onto the tote with PVA. To stop the letters from peeling up, brush a thin layer of PVA glue over the top and leave to dry.

diy-monogram-bag diy-monogram-tote-bag

Done, dusted and divine!

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