DIY outdoor centrepiece

Last weekend I went on an outdoor organisation frenzy. My terrace is the only space I haven’t styled to my satisfaction yet. Giulio and I are one of the few very lucky people to live in the middle of an old Italian town and have a decent-sized terrace. Most apartments just have a tiny balcony.

We’ve already put in fake turf and used huge vases of jasmines as screens to block out the very nosy neighbours, but I still feel like it’s unfinished, which is where this quick DIY comes in. It’s but one small step in making my terrace feel styled, but it’s a fantastic project that you can do now and not worry about over winter.


I saw these succulent pots when I was in Australia and fell in love with the idea. They’re perfect for outdoors because they won’t blow over or break like other potted plants and can adorn your table all year round without you worrying about them.

I’ve used a very retro ’70s bowl as my planter. I like the contrast and love that you can see the soil underneath. Naturally you can use whatever bowl you have lying around. A white one would look killer.

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You’ll need
1 ceramic bowl
3-4 succulents
soil for succulents (or your own homemade mix of potting soil, peat and sand)

Succulents need to drain, especially since we’re using a bowl without drainage holes. Mixing your soil with peat and sand helps encourage good drainage and stop your plants from going mouldy.


Pop your succulents out of their pots and arrange in the bowl on top of a thin layer of soil. You want to pick a range of succulents that are different colours and shapes for a more powerful visual contrast. Don’t skimp on the succulents. Good coverage is what makes this centerpiece pop.


Fill in with soil and water rarely. Your succulents will pretty much survive on their own without your attentions, which is good considering how easily I kill plants.


Happy weekend! xx

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