DIY paint dipped tea cups

I love the dip dyed look. It’s one of the biggest design trends for 2016.

Since I am surrounded by all-white crockery (wedding presents), I decided to embrace the trend and bring a little bit of colour to my dinner table. I’m tired of everything being so WHITE in my house!

I decided not to use ceramic paint. For starters, it’s ridiculously expensive and looks a bit washed out after you bake it. Since I wanted a bright, bold matte look, I went with acrylic paint instead and then added a coat of clear ceramic paint to make it food safe and stop the paint from washing off when you rinse your dip-dye-3


This DIY is really quick and cheap and is perfect if you have white cups or plates lying around that you want to jazz up a bit without having to spend the earth.


You’ll need:
a selection of white plates, mugs or bowls
acrylic paint in complementary shades (I chose slate, grey and gold)
transparent ceramic paint
masking tape
plastic container big enough to fit whatever you’re dip dying

Use the masking tape to divide your bowl, plate or mug in half. You can do this freehand if you want a more artisan look. I did a few cups freehand and was really happy with how they turned out.dip3 dip4

Fill your plastic container with plenty of acrylic paint and dip your chosen ceramic pieces into the paint to coat the side that’s not covered with masking tape. You don’t want to paint it with a paintbrush because then you’ll just get heaps of paintbrush streaks rather than one bright and uniform block of colour.

dip-1 dip5

Hold the ceramic up and shake it to remove an excess paint. You have to be patient as it takes a while for all the paint to run off. Leave to dry right side up and beware of streak marks.

Once dry, coat with a layer of transparent ceramic paint and bake as per the instructions.

dip-dye-5 dip-dye

Have a gorgeous week!

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