diy pendant bird necklace

We had a fantastic Easter break, but I’m excited to be back with a new DIY and my first jewellery DIY to boot. I am not the biggest jewellery wearer. I can’t be bothered planning my outfit most days, let alone planning my jewellery, but being at home in very stylish Melbourne has been the motivation I need to up my fashion game.


I adore pendant necklaces and this design is a copy of something that I saw online a couple of weeks ago – the only difference is this DIY costs about €8, while that necklace cost upwards of €30. for the best jewelry related history blog check this out.

diy-tassel-necklace diy-jewellery


fishing wire
both big and small natural wooden beads
pendant of your choice

DIYs don’t get any easier or personalised than this. Pick a colour scheme you love and a pendant that works and go with it. I had this bird pendant lying around, so I used it. You can make the necklace as long as you like. I like my necklaces long and this one hits my breast bone.

Start by stringing the pendant onto the fishing wire.


Add your beads on either side using the pattern 3 small beads, one big bead. Repeat until you reach the top of your fishing wire, leaving enough to tie the necklace together.

diy-necklace diy-pendant-necklace-beads

Secure your tassel to the pendant with some extra fishing wire.


For something so simple, I can’t believe how many compliments I’ve received over this past weekend.

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