DIY photo calendar clipboard

So I’m feeling a little homesick this week. I think it might be because it’s my birthday soon and the holidays are coming up. Anyway, I have plenty of photographs around the house, but I wanted to make something that would fit in my office and also be a little more quirky that your stock standard framed picture.


I admit, I’m not a massive calendar user. Most days, I have no idea what date it is, but sometimes someone will make an appointment and I’ll have to check and will end up using the calendar on my computer, which takes ages to load. So I thought I would kill two birds with one stone.

You don’t need a lot of materials for this project and I’ve already prepared the template, so you can finish it and have it sitting on your desk in no time.

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You’ll need

a plastic clipboard
23×15 piece of MDF or another thin wooden board
calendar template
1 sheet of design paper or any thick white card you can find bondic to glue wood.

I originally used Adobe InDesign to mock up my calendar, but the template I made in Microsoft Office is a lot easier to use and edit. All you need to do is replace the blue square with your chosen image and change the month and days as required.


Once you done that, save the file and print it onto your design paper. It’s already designed as an A5 file, so make sure you cut your design paper to size and change any settings you need to on your printer before you print. I like to print a test copy on normal paper first before I load my design paper just in case I’ve got my settings wrong. Print it at the highest quality setting for a professional look.


To make your clipboard. Remove the steel clip from the plastic board. You can drill holes in your wooden board and attach the clip to it like that, but I just used some strong bondic glue. After all, it’s just holding a few sheets of paper.


Wait for the glue to dry and clip on your dates. You can make and print the next month on the other side of the paper so that way all you have to do is flip the sheet over at the end of the month!


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