DIY pompom basket

I am all for DIY sewing projects that require as little skill as possible. I’m not kidding. I abandoned my sewing machine because I couldn’t figure out how to sew a tube. It took two YouTube videos and a conversation with my mum to realise it was simply a case of folding the fabric in half and sewing the edges.

Then I was wasting time on the net and I found this cute straw shopping basket. We don’t really have a Saturday market here in small town Tuscany, but I still love the idea of wandering stall to stall, straw basket in hand.


Since I already had the basket, it was a natural step to make the pompoms. I haven’t made one since primary school, but for some reason the technique has stuck with me when all my basic maths skills haven’t.




skeinsĀ of grey, pink and salmon wool
a straw shopping basket (I picked mine up from here)
two pieces of cardboard
sewing needle and thread

Start by making your pompoms. You’ll need 4. Cut doughnuts out of the cardboard. Mine are a diameter of 8cm, but it’s not that important. Cut a slit in your cardboard doughnuts to make it easier to wind the wool around. Wrap the wool around the entire doughnut twice. Then run your scissors between the two pieces of cardboard to cut the wool. Thread a length of wool between the two pieces of cardboard and tie off very tightly. Snip to neaten. And there’s your pompom.

how-to-make-a-pompom pompom-basket-diy

Sew the pompoms onto your shopping basket and show that baby off at your next market.

how-to-straw-basket straw-shopping-basket-diy

I wish every DIY was this easy! Have a gorgeous week xx

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