DIY shawl scarf

Before I left for Australia, I wanted to try my hand at my first ever fashion DIY. Cards on the table, I am the last person who should be making clothes. I hate going to the fabric store because I always spend more on fabric than I ever would have spent if I’d just gone out and bought whatever it was I wanted. And I have the shortest attention span, so I always lose interest before the project is finished. Exhibit A: all my half finished blankets.

Still I was desperate for a shawl scarf. I’ve seen them in stores and all over the internet and they suit me to a tee. I love boho chic and bright colours and I usually walk out of the house wearing far too many mixed prints. It drives my husband nuts.


As far as DIY fashion goes, this is as easy as it gets. Two pins, two buttons and a bit of string and you’ve made a gorgeous shawl in whatever style you like!


You’ll need

a long cotton scarf in whatever style you like
two buttons
needle and thread

I used a scarf I had lying around the house and two grey buttons that matched the tones of the fabric.

Start by draping the scarf over your shoulders. Make sure the ends are the same length. Then use pins to make the sleeves. You can make the sleeves as tight or loose as you like. I used my hips as a guide and pinned the corner of the front fold to the bottom of the back fold closest to my hip. That gives you loose and flowing sleeves. Repeat on the other side.


Take the scarf off and sew a button to the back fold in the spot where you placed the pin. Make sure you sew the button on the inside and not the outside of the scarf, so you can’t see it.


To make the button hole, you can cut the scarf, but I found that the fabric frayed, so I looped the thread around my finger to get a circle that was about the size of the button and then secured it with a few stitches in the spot where I placed my pin.


Try it on and if you like, fold over the edges to create a lapel like I did! And that’s it. Two days until Christmas. I can’t wait! xx

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