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jewelery diy ideas

handmade jewelery

Argh, I am so excited about today’s DIY. I’m not normally the make your own ring type, but with winter well and truly here, I’ve found that the very few bracelets and necklaces I do wear no longer work. Cue statement rings and about 15 minutes of effort while I watched a Sherlock rerun. If you love handmade jewelry and jewelry making, you are going to love this!


plain gold ring (I bought this set from H&M for €5)
copper embroidery thread
shell disc, bead or whatever embellishment you like
10cm piece of stiff cardboard
florist’s wire

make your own ring

Start this jewelry diy by making your own tassel. Wrap your copper embroidery thread around the cardboard. Continue until almost all the thread is used up. Cut a 10cm strip of the embroidery thread. Gently slide the tassel off the cardboard and wrap the thread around one end on the tassel. This will create the ‘head’. Tie the two loose ends together to secure and tuck them away. Pull gently to find the middle point in your thread loops and cut to form your tassel.

If you don’t want to make your own jewelry and the thought of it is making you tired, there are always shops that can personalize your jewelry like Adinas Jewels.

do it yourself jewelery

Cut a 15cm strip of florist’s wire. Thread the wire through the head of your tassel and fold in half.

jewellery making

Twist the two pieces of wire together 5 times to secure the tassel and create a support for your shell disc. Slide the disc on and secure by twisting the two wires together again 2-3 times. Thread on your ring and twist to secure. Snip off any excess wire.

handmade jewelery ideas

make own ring

It’s handmade jewelry projects like these that make me love DIY. The shell disc is there to create a bit of space between the ring and the tassel. I didn’t want it to look like I just tied a tassel key chain to a ring rather than a make your own ring extravaganza. Feel free to customise the colour of your tassel to the season. All you have to do is unravel the wire, change the tassel and twist shut again for a whole new look!

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