DIY wooden wall clock

Ending with the week with a DIY is my favourite thing in the world! And this is the ultimate DIY. Quick, easy and gorgeous. It’s another piece for the office (I can’t really think of anything else at the moment!) and, not to be modest, it looks like a million bucks!

In reality, I spent €6 for the chopping board and found the other pieces lying around the house. If you don’t have an old clock to harvest the hands from, like I did, you can pick up a clock mechanism from your local discount store or online for a couple of euros.

What I love about this project is that it looks like you could have picked it up from any Scandinavian design store for a fortune. It would make a gorgeous gift too. Hello Christmas presents!


round chopping board
hand-held drill (alternatively a roto hammer)
black clock mechanism
old leather belt
thumb tacks


Start by finding the centre of your chopping board. I used a compass to do this, but a ruler works too. Drill a hole though the central point. This is where you’ll thread your clock mechanism.


Cards on the table: this will only work if you can find a really thin chopping board. Otherwise your mechanism won’t fit through. If that’s the case and your chopping board is too thick, you can carve away a couple of centimetres of wood from the back and nestle the mechanism into the space. To do this, make an outline of your clock’s battery pack with a pen or pencil and carve away with a hammer and chisel, old school style!



Cut a 15cm strip from your leather belt and attach to the clock face with the thumb tacks. Hang and admire your awesomeness!


It’s a little hard to read the exact time on this thing, but when pretty is in play, precision goes out the window! And I have no complaints about that.



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