Eucalyptus heart wreath diy

I’m not one for Valentine’s Day. Don’t worry, it has nothing to do with that ‘you should worship people every day of the year and not on one sanctioned holiday’ rubbish. It’s simply that when you live so far away from the shops, it’s hard to organise presents in advance. I usually forget what month it is and realise Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and I haven’t bought hubby anything.

So we settle for a romantic dinner and this year, I thought I would liven it up with a cute decorative accent. I’ve been obsessed with wreaths since I made my first jasmine one and I’ve been trying to have one as a permanent fixture on my door since.

diy-wreath-3 diy-wreath-2

To celebrate such a romantic occasion, I shaped this month’s into a love heart and it’s been making me smile all week.


You’ll need
3-4 branches of eucalyptus
white kitchen twine
floral wire

You can use any strong branched plant you find. Obviously it needs to bendy enough to shape into a heart and not snap. Jasmine would work too.

Grab two branches that are about the same length. Secure the ends with floral wire, wrapping over and under to make sure they stay put.


Gather the other ends and wrap with floral wire again, but this time don’t cut the wire. Pull it down towards the other secured ends to get a heart shape. Secure the floral wire to end you tied up previously. In a couple of days,┬áthe branches will have taken the shape and you can cut the wire or you can leave it. It’s barely noticeable.



Use the remaining eucalyptus twigs to cover any bare spots. Secure them to the wreath with a bit of floral wire.


Use the kitchen twine to make a hook and tie that baby up! xx

post-tie hook


Hang your wreath somewhere pretty indoors or out!

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