Expat New Year resolutions 2016

The countdown to 2016 is on and I am dreading it! I’m not exactly looking forward to being another year older. I already have trouble keeping up with the buzzwords. I can’t figure out how to use Snap Chat and I can’t fight the nostalgia for ’80s movies and toys any longer. Before I know it, rude teens will be calling me grandma.

But there’s another reason why I hate the new year: resolutions. I make them. I break them. I wait 365 days to berate myself for not doing them. I make them again. I break them again and the vicious cycle continues.


So this year, I have decided to think of a few expat-friendly resolutions and share them with you. That way, I have far more motivation to stick to them. Safety in numbers, you know?


I can’t say I’m exactly swimming in friends here in small town Tuscany. As I slowly lose contact with my friends back home (inevitable), I can’t seem to replace them with local ones. That probably has something to do with my very reclusive lifestyle and it’s something most expats can relate to. So I resolve to… join a club, start a hobby, play soccer… whatever it takes to get out and mix with new people!


This blog has been an incredible opportunity for me. Even if not a single person reads it, it has been a way for me to express my inner DIY queen and take beautiful pictures. Since they are the two things I love most the in the world, I’ve had a blast. It’s hard to make something of yourself in a new country and even if you can’t do what you love full time, I definitely think 2016 should be about embracing your passion and trying something new, if only to make expat life (and life in general) that little bit more satisfying.


You didn’t move to Italy to sit in your house and watch Netflix. People always sigh with envy when I tell them I live in Tuscany, but the more time passes, the less I get out and explore. I’ve spent almost every weekend this year at home and I feel like I’m becoming the ultimate homebody. I go to the local supermarket and the crowds freak me out! Italy is a gorgeous country with so much beauty at fingertip’s reach, so it’s about time we go and find it!


Like I said, I live for DIY, but I don’t have the time (or motivation) to ever do something truly big and magnificent. I have a half finished mosaic table that has been taunting me for the better part of two years and I intend to continue to ignore it with this resolution. I think I might try to build a bench for the terrace or create my own succulent wall. Something that takes a while and will make me super proud every time I look at it.


I speak passable Italian. I understand most of it and I write like a kindergartner who missed way too many days of class. Most expats are in the same boat. Living in a country that doesn’t speak English is all the more reason to master a new language. I’ve become super slack in recent years and if my husband is to be believed, I’m getting worse, not better. So this year, a commitment to improving my grammar and written skills is a must. It’s not just common sense, it’s also the key to opening up more job opportunities and creating a career in whatever country you live in!

Have a wonderful and safe New Year and bring on 2016 xx

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  1. Christine says:

    4am, sick, can’t sleep … But I love your expat tips & I miss you! Let’s try to be on the same continent sometime this year x

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