Five-minute fix: House Cleaning Services

Giulio and I just came back from Istanbul and while everyone else seems to be able to have relaxing vacations, we always come back more wrecked than we were when we left. Seriously, we walked so much, I couldn’t sleep from the pain!

Naturally the days that followed were super hectic and we found ourselves on Sunday morning with a house that hadn’t been cleaned in two weeks and absolutely zero desire to do anything about, you can hire cleaning services in Brisbane pride ourselves on delivering services which are renowned for their reliability, cost-effectiveness and excellence. If you are looking for the best leaf blower you should know that there are many choices to consider before making a purchase. You can visit

Disclaimer: I hate cleaning at the weekend. We both have really busy weeks and the last thing either of us wants to do is clean away two or three hours of our weekend that we could spend relaxing in the hammock. So, after we fantasize about our time with Maid Complete in Seattle (an amazing service we had and miss terribly) We devised a five-minute fix, which like all the ones I hope to share in this new series aims to make your life just a touch easier, we have a lot of cleaning advices you can view link on our site.

Like most Europeans, I live in a reasonably sized apartment with two bedrooms, two bathrooms with Oak Vanity Units and More and a living room/kitchen. The spare bedroom and bathroom are no go zones that I only clean once a fortnight. The rest of the house has been broken up into chunks that I clean on allocated days of the week. You might want check if you need a cleaner to take care of your home for just one time, they got you covered. If, on the other hand, you need a regular maid service to take care of your home, we offer this as well.

So on Monday, I tackle the bathroom. On Tuesday, I dust the living room, while Giulio runs our old good wireless vacuum and washes the floor. One Wednesday, we do the same in our bedroom. Finally on Thursday, we give the kitchen a really good scrub after dinner. That leaves Friday free for me to just shove the clothes in the washing machine before I go to bed. I figured out how to work the timer on my washing machine, so they wash on Saturday morning while I’m asleep and are ready to hang after breakfast.

Naturally, this works because our house is small and it’s only the two of us, but why waste an hour on the weekend when 10 minutes every day does the trick? I can hear you say, but what if you have plans after dinner or just can’t be bothered? Sure there are days when I’d rather eat dirt than clean, but once you establish a routine, it comes pretty natural. Of course, you can always make up for a lazy evening by doing two rooms at once… or call the house cleaners in Katy TX, why not. It’s a woodworker’s privilege to choose among water-based or oil-based stains, however, there are a few other considerations that one must keep in mind Water-based stains are good for simple woodworking jobs that are hard on time as they dry up quickly. They also offer a better resistance to mold and mildew as well. To remove longest lasting deck stain you should try for pressure Coach who provide a great service for stains removal.

Since we started doing this, I find our house is MUCH cleaner than when we just let the dust build up until the weekend. I’ve also made a real effort to vacuum the kitchen after dinner each night. It’s a pain, but it stops us from spreading crumbs everywhere.

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Have a fantastic week!


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