Five minute fix: Day to nightstand


I’m staying in my childhood bedroom at the moment while I’m visiting family in Australia and I just couldn’t resist fixing it up a bit. When I moved out of home to live in Italy, I took everything I wanted and left everything else in a disorganised mess.

In my quest to turn my room into a guest bedroom my mum could be proud of, I had to get rid of my desk. It was massive, blocking the cupboard and wreaking havoc whenever we used the sofa bed. So I threw it out and it wasn’t until Monday morning when I sat down to do some work that I realised I no longer have a work space in my room.

I could go and work on the kitchen table or on sister’s desk since no one is home during the day, but if you’ve ever worked from home, you know that it’s nice to have your own space, which is why I came up with this night and day solution.

I didn’t buy any new furniture for my bedroom re-decorating project and used this lovely wooden fold-out table for a nightstand. It went with the white bedhead and the bookshelf and I liked how streamlined it was. I was staring at it on Monday morning when a light went off and I realised I could use it as a desk.

Hello five minute fix! (By the way, everyone thinks I’m nuts with this)

We can all pretend we live in design magazine, but often you have to work with what you have. Most people don’t have a massive guest bedroom or separate study with plenty of space for a desk. Even if you work outside the home, sometimes you need to use your computer to check emails/plan holidays etc. A solution like this is perfect. Giving you somewhere to use the computer or get a little work done when you’re at home without wasting space.

To get the look, all you need is a fold-out table and a pouf that opens into a container. I had both lying around the house. Initially I was worried the pouf would be uncomfortable, but I searched online and found it’s actually better for your back if your chair doesn’t have a backrest. It forces you to sit up straight. I’ve worked at my mini desk all week and haven’t had a sore back yet!

When you’re ready to work, remove all your bedside table accents and place them inside the pouf. I’ve got a lot of things on mine and it takes me less than a minute. Put on the lid and use it as a seat.

Then when you’re finished, put your work things in the pouf and rearrange your beside table. I moved my pouf to another part of the room so I don’t trip over it at night. Quick, easy and super practical. Perfect for rooms where you don’t have a lot of space.

Obviously if you’re doing this every day, it’s a pain in the butt. But I’m only here for three weeks and can’t justify buying a desk just so I can work on it a couple of times a year. If you don’t work from home often or just want to give your guests a space if they need it then this is a great idea.


As for styling your nightstand, check out my post for a few tips. I’ve gone really simple here. A painting of Florence for a backdrop, a few pretty books for height, a succulent that I know won’t die when my mum forgets to water it and plenty of space for my phone/Kindle.

Hope you love the project as much as I do! xx

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