Friday thought: Gingerbread houses

We don’t have a lot of holiday traditions in our family. As first generation Italian-Australians, we’re in a funny limbo. We lost a lot of the traditions of the old country when my parents immigrated to Australia, but we haven’t picked up any Aussie ones yet. So no Boxing Day barbecues or homemade panettone. Just a simple Christmas Eve celebration followed by a Christmas Day lunch.

Since moving back to Italy, the holidays have become really important to me. It’s the one time of year when I can hang out with my entire family. Everyone is on holiday and the weather is beautiful and sunny and it’s easy to get into the festive mood. I always arrive too late to help set up the Christmas tree, so I’ve introduced a new tradition. Every year, me, my sister and my two cousins bake and build a gingerbread house… sans the gingerbread because we all hate ginger. So I guess it’s more of a bread house?

Anyway, this year marks the fourth anniversary and to be frankly honest, it hasn’t exactly been a huge success. The above photo was last year’s inspiration. And this photo is our attempt. They look identical, right?


Not to make excuses, but my sister was in Laos, so she couldn’t help with construction and she’s the baking brains behind the operation. I’m the idea’s woman. I find these ridiculous projects and then force others to make them, while one of my cousins is the decorator and the other loses interest after half an hour and disappears to play Minecraft. But despite all of the failures, I never lose hope that we will be able to make a perfect gingerbread house… one day. This is this year’s inspiration.


It’s simpler than last year’s project, but it has this gorgeous intricate lace pattern that I can’t help but gush over. Plus I love the little logs outside. Unfortunately. The aforementioned decorator is Christmasing in Paris, so pray for us!

Have a gorgeous weekend and check back in next week. I have so many awesome Christmas DIYs that I can’t wait to share with you guys! xx

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