Gli amore: Week 5

Next week is the last week of Carnevale here in Italy. I’m not really an expert on Carnevale since it doesn’t exist in Australia, but I’ve been to the celebrations in Venice and they were simply breathtaking. Since I am, as my class of students tell me, too old to dress up for Carnival, I have to live out my festive fantasies in this week’s love list instead!

Have a gorgeous weekend!


NO.1 – sipping circus: Carnival, circus, animals, this gorgeous tea cup from Zara Home. It has the Aztec vibe that is really in at the moment and in classic Zara Home style, is only €12 with the saucer included.

NO.2- pretty organised: From Anthropologie, this €16 weekly list pad is a beautiful way to get organised in the new year. I don’t know about you, but I tend to do things with more motivation if they come in pretty packages!

NO.3 – sharp as a beaver: An Alessi masterpiece. This is a pencil sharpener and at €42, it better be the best pencil sharpener in the world, but I still love it because it’s ridiculously cute!

NO.4 – bright & beautiful: I need a new rug like I need a hole in the head, but I can’t resist this bright wool rug from Anthropologie. I can imagine it brightening up any room, which is nice considering it’s only €102.

NO.5 – ???: I have no idea what this is, but I want it. It’s also from Alessi and is only described on the website as a ‘tea matter’. I have an inkling it’s for holding your teabag after you’ve infused your tea, but what a statement piece to use!

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