Gli amore: Week 5

I’m back in Italy and, to be perfectly honest, freezing my butt off. We left Europe while winter was still pretty mild. I wasn’t expecting it to be this cold. As I type this, I can’t feel my toes!

Suffice to say, I need a winter reality check and this week’s love list is my homage to all things cold weather friendly.


no.1 – change your scent: new season, new candle – that’s my mantra. With winter well and truly here, I’m embracing a heavy woody scent from H&M. It’s called Blade fig and it’s €8.

n0.2 – warm & bright: Not a huge fan of scarfs. I can never be bothered wearing them and I usually leave them somewhere, so if I’m going to wear one, it has to make a statement. Loving this bright scarf from Pull&Bear. It’s €13.

no.3 – caught up in cashmere: My obsession of the season! I can’t believe I only discovered cashmere now. I am infatuated with how soft it is and am making a collection of cashmere sweaters. They normally cost the earth, but this one is just €70 from H&M.

no.4 – wrap me up: Jackets aren’t something I’m used to, since we don’t need them in Australia. I can never make them work. They don’t match my wardrobe, so I’m pleased to see this wool coat from Calvin Klein because it’s soft and understated and would suit the very girly look I seem to gravitate to.

no.5 – tassel style: Nothing says winter like a warm blanket, so stay tuned next week as I share a gorgeous DIY guide to making your own blanket tassels.

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