Gli amore: Wk 39

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OMG! Another week has passed and I can’t believe how quickly the days slip through my fingers. I’ve had a gorgeous week here in Tuscany enjoying what is most likely going to be the last of the sun. I’m not ready for winter. I’m not ready for winter. I’m not ready for winter!

But I am ready to be distracted by my love list for this week. It’s all about beautiful fabrics and plenty of DIY inspo!

no.1 – hello! Awesome: This is bath tea. Basically an infusion of herbs with a muslin bag that you pop in the bathtub before stewing to your heart’s content. I don’t even have a bath tub and I love the idea so much, I might try to recreate it at home. This one is from Rica, €35.

no.2 – fringe frenzy: Admission time: I got a fringe. I hate my fringe. For years, I have been jealous of girls who have fringes. I have a massive cow’s lick and was never allowed to have one, but I begged and begged my hairdresser to give me one when I was in Australia last. I wish I hadn’t. It is a pain in the butt to dry and now it’s too long and I can’t see properly and I look like those sheep dogs. Suffice to say, I need a hairband to get this abomination off my forehead. I’m loving this one by Zara, €9.95. It’s very boho trend.

no.3 – Danish kitchen envy: How do we feel about rugs in the kitchen? These beautiful Turkish rugs cost a fortune, but this one looks amazing in this Danish kitchen. I think it gives the room so much style and elevates what is an otherwise standard modern kitchen, into something with character and class. I wish I had the space for one in my kitchen.

no.4 – heritage homecrafts: I’m attempting to make a quilt because I saw this great blog post and thought it looked easy. Plus I love the idea of creating something that can become a family heirloom. So stay tuned for that inevitable failure!

no.5 – impossible to resist: If I had €359, I would buy this Leif blanket in a heartbeat. I’m a sucker for pastels and grey and it looks so soft in the picture, I can only imagine how beautiful it would look with dark grey and black cushions on a white sofa. Sigh.

Happy weekend xx

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