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And I’m off! I leave for Melbourne on Tuesday, so I only have a few days to get everything organised for my departure. Leaving Giulio alone for three weeks is stressful, even though he’s 34! I’m not concerned for him but for the house and I find myself putting things away almost as if preparing for a hurricane because I know he will not lift a finger while I’m gone.

Before I head home, I’m spending a few days in Urbino as a mini Ferragosto holiday. Ferragosto or August 15 is a very popular Italian holiday and one that the locals always use to explore their gorgeous country. Packing for two trips simultaneously is stressful, but I managed to find the time to share a few of my current obsessions.

NO.1 – good enough to eat: Michael Design Works is probably my favourite candle brand and while I was on their website, I found this avocado scented treat and almost died from curiosity. Avocados aren’t exactly the nicest smelling fruit, so I’m wondering what this would be like.

NO.2 – child’s play: Is it just me or are adult colouring books everywhere at the moment? I’ve never seen one in the flesh, but they look very pretty. I can’t imagine myself sitting down and colouring away the hours. Still these ones by Millie Marotta would make a gorgeous gift for a creative friend.

NO.3 – driftwood dreams: I can’t get enough of recycled wood bedheads. I wish I had found this before I bought our bed. I would have totally done it. Basically you find a few strips of recycled wood, fix it to your wall and then just buy a mattress base instead of an entire bed frame. I’ve been thinking about whether I can do this for the sofa bed in the spare bedroom all week to no avail.

NO.4 – handmade heaven: I just found out anthropologie ships to Italy and I’m stoked. The brand is super chic and very relaxed with soft fabrics and gorgeous handmade designs like this very reasonable paint flecked cassava mirror. I don’t think you can see your reflection in it, but it’s still pretty.

NO.5 – a very happy unbirthday: This year is the 150th anniversary of Alice in Wonderland, one my absolute favourite stories. I want to celebrate with a themed DIY, which I’ll be sharing soon.

Have a gorgeous weekend xx

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