Gli Amori: wk 38

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My first week back in Italy has been hectic! Jet lag is not your best friend when you’re trying to get back into the swing of full time work and I’ve found that I’ve had heaps of energy in the morning before crashing in the early afternoon. I’m really excited about this weekend though because I can finally take care of all those household jobs that have been taunting me all week. You just can’t trust a man to keep the house perfect while you’re away for 3 weeks!

no.1 – shades of grey: Whether I like it or not, autumn has arrived and my house is forced to follow suit. Next week, I’ll be sharing tips for an autumn-themed lunch party and cement greys and olive greens are on the menu. This bowl is from Zara Home for a very enticing €10.

no.2 – who says I’m pointless: I love all those useless utensils that clutter up your kitchen. And even though I can’t fathom a use for this super cute honey dipper by Alessi, I still want it. €28.

no.3 – yay for creativity: I styled my first ever photo shoot earlier in the week. It was such a blast to work with Anita, a young creative from Melbourne who’s launching her own candle line inspired by Australian cities. I didn’t realise how hard it is to transform the ideas you have in your head into photos, but I loved every minute of it.

no.4 – write it with style: And since I’m on a creative steak this week, I thought I would share my love for beautiful handwritten fonts. This one is called Byron and is free on 1001 fonts.

no.5 – prickly pillow: I’ve always believed that if you’re going to cover your couch in cushions, they should be statement ones. This cute cactus pillow from H&M is €8 and definitely has an autumn vibe about it.

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