Grappa roasted pears with bay leaves recipe

The last of the promised recipes from my autumn lunch party is a killer. Normally in a word association game with poached pears you get ‘boring’ and ‘healthy’… and maybe ‘hard’ because every poached pear I am ever served is raw.


But this recipe has grappa! The Italian liquor that will burn your insides if you try to take a shot of it, but makes a fantastic addition to this moorish recipe. It’s totally autumn since it’s made from grapes and is accompanied by another unusual Tuscan stalwart – alloro or bay leaf. Give it a shot and you won’t look back!

I served this simply with single cream, but it would be amazing with custard or ice cream. And don’t think it takes ages either. It’s a throw everything in one dish and roast sort of pudding! Not to mention the perfect excuse to pull out your favourite baking dish. This one is from Robert Gordon pottery – an Australian brand.

pp2 pp1

The pears, lemons and bay leaves were all from my garden, so I felt a bit like farmer extraordinaire preparing this dish. You want to use soft pears that aren’t overly ripe, but aren’t rock hard either. If you don’t have pears, apples, peaches or even plums would work just as well.

pp5 pp3 pp4

Obviously the grappa is optional. You don’t have to use it, but the alcohol completely evaporates and you’re left with just a faint hint of grapes if you do.

pp7 pp9

Have a gorgeous week! And check this space for a lovely wreath DIY and a mini guide to the tufa city, Pitigliano, later in the week. xx

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