Halloween DIY: Boo! door mat

Halloween is not widely celebrated in Italy. In fact, I’ll probably be the only one carving pumpkins and putting them out on my doorstep in the entire town!

I don’t know why, but I love Halloween. Maybe it has something to do with my childhood. I grew up wishing I could don a costume each year and go trick or treating instead of listening to lectures from my mother about how un-Australian it would be.

So now that I’m on my own and fancy free, I always throw a massive Halloween party for two. Giulio never gets as excited as I do, but I have enough enthusiasm for the both of us. As with every year, I’ll be carving a pumpkin and preparing a Halloween dinner complete with a scary movie I’ll inevitably be too chicken to watch.

00-main-picture-post-BOO boo8 boo11

This year, however, I wanted to create something that would suit the mood and adorn my home for longer than a day. Halloween DIY projects on the whole are terribly tacky and use a host of materials I’d never be able to find in Southern Tuscany. Plus most of Martha Stewart’s ideas are designed for Halloween parties and a dinner for two just isn’t festive enough for eyeball place cards.

So I came up with this really easy and, I think, stylish door mat. Giulio stared at it for 15 minutes without being able to figure out what it said, so perhaps it doesn’t translate well, but I still love it. In fact, I’m so pleased with the final product, I’ll probably keep it on display all year round.


You’ll need
1 x jute mat. I picked mine up from Ikea for €4
boo template
black paint or spraypaint
box cutter
masking tape
piece of cardboard

Print out your boo template and create a stencil. Be careful to keep the circles connected to the rest of the letter with a strip of paper or it won’t work. I use a box cutter and ruler for all my cutting because I get sharper lines.


Trace onto the piece of cardboard and cut out another stencil. You need a cardboard stencil and not a paper one because there’s less chance of the paint seeping through the cardboard and ruining your letters.


Position your stencil at the bottom righthand corner of your mat. Secure with masking tape.


Carefully paint the letters with your black paint. Allow to dry and peel off the stencil. And that’s it!

boo10 boo5 boo6 boo7

FYI, as I was taking this photo, I thought my outfit looked very Wicked Witch of the West, which was only fitting! Anyway, hope you love the project and have a gorgeous week! Happy Halloween xx

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