Handmade Christmas ornaments with free template!


Christmas tree check. Christmas tree decorations check. Well, sort of check. Since I am all about industrial chic for this year’s Christmas decoration theme, I wanted to make some handmade Christmas ornaments that fit the bill. I wasn’t going to go stir crazy. It’s a big tree! But a few key pieces were a must as long as they didn’t require a lot of effort. I know I promised an advent calendar DIY earlier in the week, but is simply not playing ball #diyfail. So here’s this awesome homemade Christmas ornaments post instead!

gold spray paint
nails and a hammer
handmade Christmas ornaments template
old piece of plywood
kitchen string

Print out the homemade Christmas ornaments template and secure onto your plywood board with a bit of tape.


Okay now, gently hammer your nails into the angles of your ornaments. Grab your wire and follow the template outline, using the nails to help bend the wire into shape. Secure the two ends by wrapping the wire around itself a few times. Remove from the template and repeat the process.


Grab two identical ornaments and gently fit together to create a 3D shape. If you’re worried about the two ornaments coming apart, you can secure the top and bottom joints with a dab of hot glue.

homemade-christmas-ornaments personalised-christmas-ornaments

Spray your handmade Christmas ornaments gold. Leave to dry and then attach to your tree using the kitchen string.


There are a lot of handmade Christmas ornaments out there that are simply hideous and while this isn’t exactly kid friendly, it is a stylish and minimalist way for you to add your touch to this year’s Christmas decorations on the cheap. If you like, you can even leave the ornaments in their original silver for a really industrial look. Happy Hump Day!

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