Handmade gnomes for Christmas

It’s the countdown to Christmas, but we haven’t stopped DIY-ing! Oh no, we’ve got to keep on DIY-ing. I know you guys have heaps on your plate so these handmade gnomes are ridiculously easy. So easy, I didn’t think I needed to photograph the steps. We’re all stressed. Christmas festival, last minute presents, flying to Australia, no time for tutorial photos. I love Nordic gnomes and Christmas gnomes. I think they’re so kitsch and fun and they make the perfect addition to your porch as you transition into winter. Yes, in the Detti-Scarton household, it’s a crisis when Autumn ends and I have to get rid of all my pumpkins from the porch. It just looks so bare. Despaired, I whipped up these Christmas gnomes in about 5 minutes and with nothing more than a few plastic flower pots and some fir branches. You can find fir everywhere in Tuscany, but feel free to use rosemary, boxwood or pine. Anything bulky works perfectly.



florist’s wire
1 medium sized plastic pot
1 smaller plastic pot
sprigs of fir, about 20cm long
old woollen socks
tiny potatoes
pompoms and a needle and thread

Grab your plastic pots and stack one on top of the other. You want two pots that fit nicely together to get a conical shape. Wrap the florist’s wire around the middle of the bigger pot and secure into place. Tuck your fir sprigs under the wire to secure. Repeat until the entire bottom pot is covered and you’re happy with the bulk.

Tie more florist’s wire around the top of the smaller pot. Tuck more fir branches under the wire to cover. These should be long enough to cover the wire on the bottom pot.

Your handmade gnome is well on its way to completion. Grab your socks, snip off the feet and sew shut. Sew on the pompom to cover the hole you cut. Nestle the sock over your garden gnome’s head to cover the florist’s wire and the top of the pot.

Finally, cut a 10cm piece of florist’s wire, fold in half and insert into your potato. Thread the other end through the florist’s wire on your top pot and bend down to create the nose.

Christmas gnome finished in record time! Have a gorgeous Christmas.

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