Handmade wrapping paper + a giveaway!


Christmas is in full swing in the Detti household. We’ve got our daily advent calendar surprise, a Christmas candle burning in the background and plenty of mulled wine on tap. And since we’re leaving for Australia on the 19th, I’ve already made a start with my Christmas wrapping. For the last couple of years, I’ve made my own handmade wrapping paper. It sounds a little childish, but I love making stationary. I always think its more personal and special. That way I see it, you took the time not to just buy a gift, but wrap it with a card you designed yourself. How can your loved ones not appreciate that?

This year’s handmade wrapping paper is inspired by my decorating theme, industrial chic. I wanted something simple and minimalist, but with a strong brass or copper tone. After playing around with stripes and polka dots, trying (and failing) to hand draw a pattern, I settled on antlers. It’s not a natural choice, but it has a very Nordic Christmas/ Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer vibe.


Since wrapping options are limited in small town Tuscany, I’ve paired my handmade wrapping paper with simple brown butcher’s paper and a dark blue ribbon. For an added touch of green, I snipped off a sprig of kumquat from my garden. Kumquats, oranges etc are very Christmas. In fact, it’s tradition in Tuscany to eat citrus fruits at Christmas time. They feature in all the favourite local desserts like panettone and panforte and they just looked so gosh darn pretty against the antler print.

I’ve gone ahead and done all the hard work for you, so all you need to do is print my gift wrap and you’re in business. I just printed it on normal paper with a high resolution print, but you can print it on slightly thicker paper if you want a more luxurious look.


But that’s not all! To celebrate Italy, Christmas and all things gifts, I’ve also giving away a coffee prize pack from Gimoka. Gimoka is Italy’s second largest coffee house and they’ve just released a whole new range of Nespresso compatible coffee pods. These coffee pods are designed to fit all Nespresso and Bialetti coffee machines, so if you have one of those, enter the comp! One lucky winner will get a 5-box gift pack featuring Gimoka’s entire espresso range including decaf just in time for Christmas! This comp is only open to people living in Italy and ends on December 18.

beautiful-wrapping-paper pretty-wrapping-paper

Of course, you don’t have to enter the comp to use my homemade gift wrapping. Just click the link to print! Have a gorgeous weekend xx

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