How to beautify your work space

Like most people, I spent hours sitting at my desk. And like most people, I never really gave much thought to making it a beautiful or even organised space until now.

If you think about just how much time you spend at your desk, it really should be the most beautiful space in your life. I’m the sort of person who works better when they’re surrounded by order and pretty things, so this weekend I embarked on the task of making my desk a nicer place to be.

Admittedly it was really hard. You’re presented with this huge blank canvas and some things – like pens and paper are musts – even if they aren’t pretty to look at. My desk doesn’t have any drawers, so I had the extra challenge of presenting everything I need on a daily basis in a beautiful and functional way. I couldn’t just hide it in some drawers!

strip it back to basics

The first thing to do is strip your desk back to the basics. Only have what you need close at hand on your desk. Everything else can be placed a bookshelf behind you if you have one or you could even consider putting up a few wall shelves above your work space.

As for what’s on your desk, think about what you can’t live without. I can’t live without hand cream and lip balm for example, so they’re fixtures in any room in my house. Think outside that box when it comes to containers. My pen holder for example used to be a candle.

get sentimental

I like to keep one piece that means something to me on my desk at all times. In this case, a cute little buddha that I picked up on a holiday in Vietnam. It personalises the space, but also gives you something to smile at when you’re feeling a little stressed.


add a favourite scent

Keeping a scented candle on your desk is a great way to perfume your work space regardless of whether you light it or not. I have a pear candle that I picked up from Ecoya. It’s light and floral and a perfect hit of mental energy when I’m working long hours.

motivation, motivation, motivation

A postcard with motivational words, a photo of loved ones or just a cute graphic are a great addition to your desk space. Instead of putting them in a frame, I picked up a block of wood, cut a grove into it with a saw and use that to hold up my postcards/pictures. I change the picture up every couple of months for something new to look at.


something green

A potted plant has been a fixture of desks since they were invented. I don’t love indoor plants because mine always seem to gather dust before they inevitably die. I much prefer a few fresh flowers is a tall glass. Not only can you mix them up for something new, but they’re also the perfect link with the outside world and the seasons, something that all of us desk workers need!

light it up

Don’t buy the cheapest and most boring desk lamp you can find. Try to find something works with everything else on your desk and makes a statement. I picked up my silver lamp from Ikea for a steal. I love it because it’s simple, so it will go with whatever design changes I inevitably make in the future. Plus I can adjust the light so it shines on whatever I’m working on.

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