How to: make the perfect espresso

I have coffee on the brain, which is strange for someone who usually prefers tea. But since, we launched our coffee business in Australia, providing the rentable coffee equipment in New York as well, I’ve developed an appreciation for the Italian stuff.

Over here, everybody loves pod machines. They mightn’t sound authentically Italian, but they’re what 99% of households use these day, including ours. Italians don’t do it because they’re lazy or because they really love George Clooney and his Nespresso ads. Coffee is a ritual in Italy and pod machines make reliably good espressos without a barista on hand.

That said, there is still an art to making the perfect espresso using a pod machine.


When I first started making coffees for my husband – a skill every good Italian wife must learn (insert puking emoji here) – he wasn’t, let’s say, enamoured with my efforts. I made espressos ‘alla Australiana’. They were super long cups of coffee with at least a tablespoon of sugar stirred in with such vigour that I almost made a coffee foam.

I don’t want to say that I learned to lift my game because I wanted to impress hubby. He didn’t marry me for my coffee making skills and since my typical reply to his complaints was “make your own damn coffee next time”, he learnt to drink what I gave him without uttering a word.

I learnt to make a good espresso because a girl has got to have skills… and I like showing off to friends when I go back to Australia. After all, a really good and authentic Italian espresso is pretty hard to come by Down Under.

Luckily for you, it’s actually pretty easy. All you need is a bit of concentration and few tricks of the trade. It’s such a cinch, I can actually sum it up in an infographic. Enjoy and bottoms up!


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