How to style your serious small balcony


I was in Ikea over the weekend and as usual, I fell head over heels for the 25mq home. It’s so small and they manage to fit so much into it! I love it.

Since moving to Italy, I have a new appreciation for small homes. I grew up in a more-than-sufficiently sized Australian home with a huge backyard and it took me a while to adjust to the notion that Europeans don’t live like that. The average apartment is small and you have to maximize space, especially outdoors. You can find more moving info here.

But just because you’re low on space, doesn’t mean you have to be low in style. I’ve been researching how best to dress a tiny balcony and transform it from a place to just dry your clothes to a haven you’re proud to enjoy an evening glass of chianti on!


Go up, not across: You don’t have a lot of floor space, so use it for the essentials – a table and chairs – and get creative. Hang pots from the balcony railings or drape them from the ceiling. Buy a metal bookshelf that’s not too wide, paint it a vibrant colour and fill it with pot plants. Or get really creative and make your own succulent wall. The easiest way to do this is to get a pallet, secure it to the wall and fill with hardy plants, but in this picture, they’ve used mulch.


Bring the inside out: Make your tiny space luxurious with a rug and bright coloured cushions. Now that the weather is cooling down, add a knitted throw or my current obsession, a faux lambskin rug. If you can’t fit a couch, grab a really big throw pillow and put it on the floor when you’re using it. Just beware that your colours will fade in the sun, so try not to use anything you’re really attached to. You can click here to go on Miller’s Residential Creations and understand what you might like there.


Swing in the sun: My absolute favourite thing to do in summer is hang outdoors and sun bake. Obviously a sun bed isn’t going to fit on a tiny balcony and sitting on patio furniture is uncomfortable. But what about a swinging chair or hammock? Or some good old memorial benches? All you need is a hook or two on the roof or walls and you can hang your chair/hammock when you’re using it and then pack it up and put away when you’re not. You can click on the following to find more such awesome information.


Light it up: Outdoor lighting is important no matter how big your balcony is. If you can’t have a hanging ceiling light, improvise with Christmas lights wrapped artfully around the railings or grab a bunch of lanterns and candles. It’s more romantic anyway!


Say goodbye to noisy neighbours: Our view is terrible. It’s made up of abandoned apartment buildings and one very curious senior citizen. So we decided to hang linen curtains. We picked up cream ones from Ikea and a black curtain rod and voilà – instant privacy and a really intimate space to unwind in after work.

For any help with making balcony or deck you can got to Me and my parents can recommend you these guys!

Happy Hump Day eve! xx

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