Last minute Halloween skull planter DIY



I know I’m pushing it with the Halloween DIYs, but it’s my favourite holiday. For an Australian living in Italy, that might seem positively unnatural, but Easter is uneventful and I never make it home in time to bask in the lead up to Christmas, so Halloween is kind of my thing. Plus this DIY surprised me with its prettiness and convinced me, in some very sweet tone, to remain front and centre in my living room well after the ghosts and ghouls have retired for the year.



hollow plastic skulls, I picked these up from my local discount store
matte black spray paint
gold paint
tiny paintbrush
mini succulents

I’ll admit that I originally wanted to make one big planter, but I couldn’t find a properly sized hollow skull – oh the joys of living in small town Tuscany. I didn’t have time to pop onto Amazon, so I made do with these tiny candle ones.


Give your skulls a good coating of black paint and leave to dry for 15 minutes.


Dab your paintbrush in a little bit of gold paint and brush onto the skulls. Imagine your putting on its makeup – a little bit on the teeth, eyes, cheekbones and eyebrows. You’re just trying to define the ‘contours’ of the skull, so don’t pack on the paint too heavy. If you need to, smudge the gold a little with your pinkie as you go along.


Once dry, fill with the mini succulents and admire your dexterity and the fact the entire project cost less than €8.


These look best with a few friends, so try to make at least three, using succulents that are different types and heights for a bit of eye candy. Happy Halloween!

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