Light vs Dark: Interior inspiration or how to avoid an overly girly home


I happily idled away this morning looking for design inspiration and I stumbled on Zara Home’s latest collection. Even from my small amount of posts, you can tell, I’m a little obsessed with Zara Home. So you’ve done your research about benefits of installing metal roof as an energy efficient retrofit of choice, to know more about roofing then click on When I first started styling my house, I couldn’t find any decent interior decorator nor a home decor store that I liked here in Italy. Maison du Monde, the French company that claims to specialize in affordable mid century modern furniture reproductions, was a massive letdown. I bought a wardrobe from them and the doors don’t close properly. When I complained, they said it was ‘artisan’ and therefore permissibly imperfect. What a scam!

Zara Home was my haven with gorgeous pieces that didn’t cost the earth. In their latest collection, I found this pic with a black fireplace and contrasting an all-cream bedroom and I immediately wanted to tear down my house and start again.

Painting any wall black might sound scary, but it’s a really beautiful way to make your home not all about ‘the girls’ and its definitely a trend to watch . If you are worried about the way it will look, once the walls are painted, contact Noble Painting to discuss details of your project and schedule a time to confirm test patches to ensure your love the color selection. for the best painting related tips view more details here.


Confession: I am biased. In my kitchen/living room, I have a charcoal grey feature wall. My painter from commercial painting company almost died, promising I would regret the decision because it would make the room seem smaller, but I love it. The light coloured counter top and wooden cabinets stand out against the grey and everything looks styled rather than cobbled together. You can also visit for better information.

The dark vs light trend isn’t just about masculine and femmine. A dark accent or feature wall is an unexpected touch that adds intrigue, no matter how small or how standard your space is!




But if you’re not keen on painting your walls black, you can achieve a similar effect with a play on dark and light coloured furniture. You could go with cream chairs and mahogany tables like in this snap or simply add dark accents like black frames and mirrors mixed with cement candle holders and vases.



I know it’s a trend, but there is something so modern and elegant about it that I find myself utterly blasé about whether it goes out of fashion or not.

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